Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27th

I had an interesting board meeting at Founders-Coop today. The guys at are our newest investment. The project they put together called is amazing, it tracks all occurrences on twitter of a keyword and auto populates them into a Google Spreadsheet. These guys are very smart and this is a very good investment if I do say so myself. They recorded this meeting for there blog because they post one video a day. Interesting idea. Who would post one thing a day? That is just weird...

Dinner afterward was great because we invited our investment companies out to dinner with us and we had an opportunity to talk with them and give them feedback. I pushed hard on one of my favorite investments, I think they can increase user engagement if they start automating more allowing users to publish photos to 12+ sites in an automated manner. Currently they require emails back and forth to set this up. This was the biggest thing I tried to stress, was get this automated and allow the user to do everything. I myself would use the service then. It was drive users to the service and allow them to sell the premium services.

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  1. Thanks for the support and great input Jay. It's awesome to have you in our corner.