Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th

Had dinner with Adam, Wendy, Aaron, and Erik. My EO Forum is great. Only those few were able to make it out after the meeting. We ate for free because of all the late fees we had collected. Actually, Eric ate for free, everyone else was guilty and paid in. :)

I would highly recommend, "Tropea Restorante Italiano" in Redmond. We had an awesome meal and the garlic was everywhere and in all the dishes. The bread which was served before the meal came with olive oil with tons of Garlic floating in it. I ate so much Garlic, Icy smelled it on me the second I came home.

The picture is of the wine shelf in the restaurant next to our table, it is decorated with Christmas lights.

We are having a Forum holiday party on the 14th, so I have a feeling my picture that day will be of the group. But you never know... stay tuned.

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