Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th

I found my power meter on the side of my house today, I wanted to see if I could hook it up to reporting service that would tell me in real time how much energy my house uses. First I tried Google Powermeter, but only the lucky people on the west coast that have it right now use SDG&E utility company in California. Then I tried, WattVision, but it turns out they only support digital meters. They say they are making a device that will read analog meters and then broadcast it on WiFi. It turns out I can't find any commercial service that monitors my power other then my local utility company and they don't do it in real time.

My prediction is, I will be able to monitor my power usage in real time in 3 years. Just about the time that solar power becomes a real option and I go off the grid.

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